Social Media Bootcamp Part 2 – Authentic Engagement

Let the numbers speak. With over 200 million client-driven social media impressions, over 69,000 discrete online radio listeners and counting, Susan J Sohn is a verified social | mobile |online ...

The other day I found myself in an extraordinary conversation. I was sitting alone, minding my own business when a man I know approached me. For the sake of this ...

  We are excited to announce that a new Radio Show is on it’s way. RealTalk with Susan Sohn and Mark Zschech is happening and will be hosted through Rhema ...

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The Best Guacamole Recipe

Hey friends, after some fun banter on Instagram about food with crushsocial and boldbrandfast and avocadoshirtco¬†I decided I would repost this recipe. This recipe comes from my brother, Robert, who is an incredible cook. He makes this for every family gathering and it’s a dish that everyone loves and always wants more of. It is […]

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Without Vision…

I’ve heard it quoted and, sadly, I’ve witnessed it happen. Where there is no vision, people perish. I’m not talking about physical eyesight here, rather that internal drive that propels us forward. Some call it vision, others intuition, motivation, a sixth sense or just a knowing that comes from within. The dictionary refers to this […]

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Social Media BootCamp – Authentic Engagement

What a great night we managed to spend together. It certainly worked out for the people it was meant for. Spending part of our Saturday night with you guys was inspiring and motivating. Thanks for taking the time to invest into your business through something we have to offer. As promised I am providing you […]

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Women On Boards Live Event on March 26th

Network and learn about the digital economy &¬†social media Fantastic opportunity for Newcastle & Central Coast | Thursday 26 March Join Women on Boards Executive Director, Claire Braund, as she hosts Canadian-born marketing engagement specialist, social media strategist and radio host, Susan Sohn at a function on the Central Coast. With more than 200 million […]

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My Kitchen Rules #CasaDeSohn Style

  What does the #CasaDeSohn Kitchen have to do with marriage and why does My Kitchen Rule? 20 years of marriage + 5 earlier years of dating, breaking up, getting back together (repeat, repeat, repeat) and then finally deciding we were meant for one another… and now the Kitchen and the role it plays in […]

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The Story of You – Discovering Your Identity

Have you ever wondered who you are? Have you ever found yourself pondering your purpose and where you fit in, have you watched others walk with direction and confidence whilst you question what part you have to play? Have you considered how good it would be if life were like a play or a movie? […]

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